The “Next Gen” Consoles are Here


The Xbox One and PlayStation 4  showed up about a year ago. Both of these consoles had to deal with various launch problems together with building their game libraries. If you are looking for a new video game system The Xbox One and PlayStation 4  are the frontrunners of the current generation.  In this article we are going to put Xbox One and PS4 against each other to determine which system comes out on top. Also, from a board game play perspective, we shouldn’t forget to mention Nintendo Wii, but for now we will focus on the two big technical powerhouses of this generation

The price is almost the same so let’s say the systems are tied. Microsoft has launched a Kinect-free version of the Xbox One and it is the same price as PS$ and that is $400. The price will change a bit if we look at the premium subscription services that go with them. In this way PS4 stay ahead of the Xbox One. Both of these consoles offer premium subscriptions to their online services. In this case PS4 is cheaper for a $10. PlayStation users can get a year of PS Plus for $50, while Xbox users can get a year of Xbox Live Gold for $60. It is the same for both systems (Microsoft and Sony), this premium service is required to play multiplayer games online.

ps3-xbox-360-xbox-one-ps4-sidebyside-640x571Controls. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have a good gamepad to play games. Gamepad for the Xbox One is just a little bit more updated version of the previous controller of Xbox 360, which has trigger buttons which present character force feedback and a bit more rounded feel. The PS4’s gamepad is the DualShock 4. This gamepad is a completely renovated controller that keeps the best parts of the DualShock 3 gamepad and fixes the worst. The triggers are more responsive, the analog sticks feel better the controller just feels nicer in the hand. It also has a built-in speaker. The only problem is the light bar that marks. The light bar can’t be turned off and sometimes you can see an annoying glare from it if you don’t cover it up. Gamepad for the Xbox One is great, but DualShock 4 is outright excellent. Both of these gamepads play very well.

Games. The best titles are still coming. As we saw the major releases for both systems we saw that both of these consoles are more appealing over the previous generation. Some of the biggest games are generally cross-platforms, so you can count on: Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity on both systems. These are just the names of some the greatest game headlines. Also, each console has a few notable exclusives. A lot of games are going to come for both systems in 2015. With so many titles available on both it boils down to a matter of taste for the exclusives. The choice is yours.